School Category

A student or a group of students from a local Secondary school in Brunei Darussalam (Year 7 until 11).

Tertiary Category

A tertiary (or undergraduate) student or a group of tertiary students. And it shall be conducted by a student or a group of students who are registered as active undergraduate students in higher-learning local institutions, such as local college or local university level in Brunei Darussalam (Year 12 - Pra-University is also included in this category).

ICT Industry Category

Individuals, Government agency, ICT-related businesses and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME):

1. The business must have a minimum of 51% local Bruneian ownership;

2. The business must have a locally registered office in Brunei Darussalam;

3. For sole proprietorships and partnerships, the business must not have bankruptcy or any legal proceedings issued whether in the name of the business or name(s) of registered proprietor/partner(s) over the past two (2) years;

4. For start-up company, the company must be less than three (3) years, the individual founder(s) of the company or the product must still be a major shareholder(s) of the company and company must not be a subsidiary of an established parent company; and

5. For limited companies, the company must not have any winding up proceedings or legal proceedings issued over the past two (2) years.