brunei ict awards (bicta) 2020/2021


Alumni members have the privilege to be invited to networking sessions, seminars, workshops and other events organized by AITI and DARe.

The products of BICTA Alumni are assessed for further development through industry matching, patenting and technical enhancement.

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Abd Hafiz Bin Anuar Head of Information Technology Department IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus Participant 2014 E-Learning Package - Menuju Ke Alam Barzakh An e-learning on islamic funeral rites. It provides step-by-step guidelines, complete with illustrations, animations, videos and recitation of prayers.
Abd Moe’ty Bin Hj Abdul Samad Hardware and Software Development and Integration Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) Participant 2016 Lock-On To provide better communication ways that can result to fast and low cost data transmission, times efficiency and improve services performance to the public and society. The ability to efficiently pinpoint and see the location of vehicles, and how their location relates to the whole network of transportation systems in a geographic area, equipped with automation, greatly reduces delay in the dispatch of emergency or crime fighting services.
Developer Laksamana College of Business 2012 Cloud Hub A cloud storage and sharing solution for file sharing, media gallery and etc.
Abdul Hadi Executive Director Emettra Applied Technologies Participant 2012 Emettra Takaful Management System (ETMAS) A structurally robust and functionality dynamic system capable of offering Takaful Operators an innovatve solutions. It is an integrated and multifaceted system that boasts real-time capabilities and accomodates easily for both its user's business functions and operational requirements.
Abdul Hazim Bin Hj Jasmenshah Team Member Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2018 Lora Based Smart Farm
Abdul Malik Omar Founder The Entrepreneurial Eagles Brunei Participant 2011 Yours Insured A Mobile platform that sell insuranc policies.
Abdul Qoyyuum Bin Hj Abdul Kadir Participant 2017 Laparku Chatbot To help indecisive eaters, where and what to eat by chatting with a bot at Facebook Messenger.
Abdul Rahsid Hj Osman IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus 1st Place 2011 Brunei Experience Multimedia Project A Multimedia Project that highlights the ineresting place in Brunei Muara District.
Abdullah Bin Maidin Team Member Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2015 Dudu Apps - Educational Mobile Apps An Educational Mobile Applications. DuDu means “Duit Mu, Duit Ku”. It is basically a learning tool for school children age 7 years old to 12 years old to help or guide them with their mathematics subjects especially on “Money”.
Adi Iskandar Basir Project Manager And Developer Participant 2016 Riot Integrating Internet of Things to products in retails stores. Provide product analytics, customer traffic metrics or push marketing for brick and mortar shop owners.
Adika Chris Participant 2014 STAR: Sihat Tanpa Rokok An application for smoking counselors to give the masses information that is accessible and current. It covers the basic information about smoking, does basic calculation on dependency and cost of smoking.
Adil Abdullah @ Paul McDonagh Chief Executive Officer and Developer Daita Solution 1st Place 2012 Paranormal Track An application built for the android mobile platform that allows interested parties to access our database of paranormal activities, which have occurred in and around the Asian region.
Mentor IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus Participant 2014 Layan The system will offer digital menu on each table, with theability for them to rate their foods and see average wait times on each menu items.
Agus Muslim Founder Nextacloud (Formerly known as Newgate Plus) Participant 2015 Cartzie A social-business platform that aims to centralize online vendors and customers. It helps promote convenience in doing online business where also provide a virtual e-store for vendors and a marketplace for customers.
e-Q e-Q gives its consumers the opportunity to spend their time elsewhere than waiting for their queue.
Tuition Plus A platform for all tuition schools.
2nd Place 2016 First Blood > Bloodkad A blood donation app for both blood banks and blood donors to assist in monitoring the demand and supply side of blood and blood stock management in particular by connecting blood banks with blood donors.
2nd Place 2017 A blood donation mobile application and management system for blood banks to manage blood donation activities and for blood donors to be connected to the blood bank centres.
Participant 2018
Ahmad Darwisy Bin Osmena Team Member Sekolah Menengah Pengiran Isteri Hajjah Mariam, Serasa Participant 2019 CleanBN A platform to create a community of volunteers to help keep Brunei clean.
Ahmad Zaeem Omarali Participant 2017 Ventureku An online private investment platform using islamic finance.
Ahmad Zulfakhri Bin Hashim Team Leader IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus Participant 2014 Halal Haram Food Guide A mobile application which help muslim users in knowing whether the ingredients inside a certain product at a supermarket can be consumed, haraam (forbidden), musbooh or depends.
Aidee Suherman Hj Suhaili Laksamana College of Business (LCB) 2nd Place 2012 Barcode Attendance System This system utilize current barcode system combine with a low cost active and passive verification system.
Aiman Minorhadi Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer Grominda Group Participant 2017 Plus EXP Plus EXP is an online platform that connects young talents with work experience opportunities; Internship, Volunteers, and Project Basis.
Aiminoriza Ramlee Director And Business Development Manager Tyne Solutions Sdn Bhd Participant 2018 Call.IO
2014 Squarefeet.Asia An online platform for real estate agents to market their properties.
Aizuddin Fakhri Founder Naindah Enterprise 1st Place 2017 To help SME's and Individuals to sell their new or used products in a single platform, where we will handle quality check, selling, inventory, storage, packaging and delivery to the customer.
Co-Founder & Managing Director TechBru Solution Sdn Bhd 2nd Place 2018 WasapPay
Ak Abdul Azim bin Pg Yusof Founder TeachMeGuru Special Award: Promising Entrepreneur on 2017 2017 TeachMeGuru A platform that connects students and teachers together according to the area, subject and the time available.
Ak Ahmad Rasyid Bin Pg Saiful Rizal Leader Sekolah Menengah Berakas 2nd Place 2019 Personal Mobile Medical Assisstance (PMMA) A portable home used health monitoring device and smart wearable system that can transmit a patient’s vital sign to healthcare providers.
Ak Hafizuddin Pg Hassanuddin Project Leader Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2011 Mobile Payment System Using NFC A short range wireless connectivity. It enables simple and safe two-ways interactions among electronic devices (eg, digital content and connect devices with the simplicity of a single touch.
Ak Khairul Amir Bin Pg Darma Putra Technical And Interface Politeknik Brunei Participant 2016 Post Office Management System This application is to provide convenience for both users and post office agent in delivering notification once package arrived and ready for collection.
Ak Md Syarif Bin Pg Hj Md Yussop Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2016 Twitter Sentiment Analysis To determine the sentiment of Twitter users and can be used to collect information on consumer trends and potential consumers for upcoming product.
Albert Shim Founder Mana Makan Participant 2019 Brunei’s Online F&B Menu discovery web application.
Alex Chai Flexitech Communication Participant 2006 Servision Video Gateway
Alfred Yong Chief Executive Officer Dalplus Technologies Participant 2006 Jujur Dan Amanah Game
2009 Bruclass Easy Card Top Up System The system allows the user to top up their easi card through the internet and pay by using a credit card without the hassle of going out or asking a friend to buy an easi card for you.
EMAP E-commerce Application This application allows online shopping to take place and can be paid using credit card through Baiduri Bank Internet Payment Gateway.
Dalplus Technologies Insurance System A system designed and developed to suit local islamic insurance companies according to the islamic way and values.
Payroll System The system was design to suit the local companies' payroll system and it can be integrated with a human resources whereby it can capture modern time attendance such as Kronos or capture time attendance from biometric system.
2010 Customer Loyalty System The program can handle bonus points and cash discounts without integrating with the POS.
Amirah Haziqah Binti Shamsuddin @ Nurhaziqah Binti Shamsuddin Participant 2017 Nid For Design To promote all the creative designers, artists and creators to come together by giving them the opportunity to share their designs online with a vibrant community of supporters and having the chance to bring their designs manufactured and sold.
Angel Wong Chin Chin Marketing & Financial Manager Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB 3rd Place 2019 Tyran Maton An anti bullying application
Asmah Binti Ahmad Sekolah Menengah Pg Anak Puteri Hjh Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah Participant 2015 Stop Motion Animation: Green Awareness Campaign Focused on collaboration and the use of ICT in creating a good quality ICT product.
Awg Abdul Wafiy Bin Hj Mohammad Participant 2006 Cyber Café Programs
Awg Hj Mohidin Bin Hj Mus Co-Founder Participant 2006 Bhealsys (Bheasys-R&D, Bhealsys-Edu)
Awg Mohd Zulfadly Bin Hj Ismail Participant 2006 Internet Café Program
Students Mark Program
Azalea Ashlyn Binti Haszlan Team Member Chung Ching Middle School, Seria Participant 2015 E-Z Pricing It’s an app that’s shows you the best and cheapest price by comparing the prices of the products by either scanning or entering the barcode number.
App Proogrammer 2016 H2H (Here to help) An app that enables fresh graduates or unemployed to find a temporary job and it also helps organizations/commercial industries to advertise and find more people who want to apply for the job.
Azizul Bin Hj Mohd. Sam Participant 2006 Students Mark Program
Azri Jumat Chief Executive Officer Rotuku Sdn Bhd 3rd Place 2018 Participant 2019 An eCommerce platform for Food & Beverages, which focuses on the sustainability and growth of our micro-businesses that start from home, and consist of Single Mother, Under Priv and disable.
Brian Idris Tripleight Sdn Bhd Participant 2011 One Government, One Framework (OGOF) OGOF is designed with flixibility and adaptability in minda and the product can function diverse categories which it seeks to address.
1. Software research and selection framework
2. Workflow framework
3. Local business awareness/ development framewok.
Chai Jun Zhe Programmer Chung Hwa Middle School, KB Participant 2016 Tsaviour Time-saving is all this application is about and inside it has a complete library of useful tricks which can be used to simplify everyday tasks.
Charlene Tsen Kiaw Lym App Developer Chung Ching Middle School, Seria 3rd Place 2015 E-Pension A new and unique app which aids the elderly in collecting their monthly pension with a simple click. You will able to access the app and find out the latest information on the pension collection.
Participant 2016 Screbo > Memo-Me An app is targeted at the simplicity of registration for schools. Parents that are constantly worried about the school’s conducts and appearance, this app takes away all their worries, allowing them to easily compare schools and registering their kids with a click.
Chin Hui Ling Co-Founder Chung Hwa Middle School, KB 3rd Place 2018 Instant Health Aid (IHA)
Chong Wee Meng Chief Executive Officer Seri Mulia Sarjana International School Participant 2015 Save the Ozone App V1.2 An educational and engaging app, which aims to promote environmental awareness that the ozone layer is depleting and all of us need to take actions.
Christina HR Manager Ishajaya Technology Sdn Bhd Participant 2013 Patient Engagement App A mobile application used to keep track of the patient's health records and display it in a graph view.
Cindy Cheng Xin Yi App Designer Chung Ching Middle School, Seria Participant 2016 Maths King The purpose of the product is for students to practice and work on their maths.
Clement Wong Lee Peng Project Owner And Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 3rd Place 2017 Mobile Incident Reporting and Web-based GIS for Disaster Management A mobile web-based GIS is used to facilitate the reporting of a disaster by the public and organizing their information on a eographical layout.
Danny Founder Buycour 2nd Place 2019 Buycour

Available in : Android / IOS
Buycour is an Online Shopping Marketplace for Bruneian Customers to shop from popular e-commerce websites from China, such as taobao,jd and 1688.
David Lim Chung Chuan CEO and Founder Borroborro Participant 2019 Borroborro A rental marketplace that offers a peer-to-peer sharing economy platform, which aims to allow people to rent practically anything.
Dk Nur Siti Khadijah Pg Hj Ali Kumar Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 1st Place 2017 Smart LED Street Light System using Sensor and Wireless Network An innovative approach towards tackling the high energy usage and unsafe environment caused by inefficient administration faced by the current street light system in Brunei. Implementing SLSLS will benefit the government, road user, community, and public street light management.
Dk Nurhazimah Farah Binti Pg Hj Nor Team Member St George's School Participant 2016 Mathkids To use computer games as an engaging way for students to get the frequent practice required to build strong mental arithmetic skills and fact power through a fun way.
Dk Nurul Hafizah Binti Pg Hj Juffery Technical And Interface Politeknik Brunei Participant 2016 Toddler's E-Learning An educational application developed for children of age 3 and above, with aims to delivers basic skills in numeracy, recognising shapes and colours. Can also acts as a tool for parents in helping to teach and entertain their children. At the same time, this application can be an introductory of ICT for children.
Dk Nurul Su'aidah Binti Pg Suhaili Programme Developer Micronet International College Participant 2016 Electronic Management System (EMS) This application is design to handle all the requirements for easy school management especially used for managing school’s daily work.
The key features of the application are:
- Registration and Evaluation (Requirements Check) of student.
- Accounting whereas use to manage student payments.
- Scheduling System use to manage student schedules, programs, room schedules and subject schedules.
- Library Management use to handle books being borrow and return by students.
- Grading / Marksheet Form manage student grade per subjects.
Dk Siti Hairani Binti Pg Burut Head of Information Technology Department IBTE Sultan Bolkiah Campus Participant 2015 Lagenda Awang Semaun An animated package adapted from the magazine named PUSAKA, published by Pusat Sejarah Brunei. It is aimed to visualized and bring back to life the old history of Brunei which is based from the ancient poem concerning Awang Semaun.
2018 U-Turn Warning Light System A health education tool designed to improve end-users’ confidence to practice healthy lifestyle towards preventing obesity.
Dk Siti Nor Bazilah Co-Founder Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 1st Place 2013 Autisay An application can guide autism individuals to speak for themselves and make it easier for them to learn. Parents and guardians can upload photos and record their own voice to effectuate their autism children's needs.
Dr. Hj Kamsani Founder De' Heritage IT Training School Participant 2006 Certificate Of Excellent Skill (CES) in Information and Communication Technology
Teaching ICT Subject From Young Age Using ICT Books
De'Heritage Achievers Enterprise 2016 E-Learning Using A Smart System Supplement for teachers and students, effective, easy to use, user friendly, improve students result, paperless, instant printed result information and can monitor student’s progress easily.
Dr. Md Mahmud Hasan Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Participant 2010 Perception Based Visual Image Search Utility A human intuition based image search utility that uses most basic color perception and memories to search from the collection of image database.
Dr. Nor Zainah Siau Senior Lecturer Universiti Tecknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2019 Your Eye Shopping (YES) The YeS App was first made intended to be used by the elderly with impaired vision. The purpose of the app is to help user identify products sold by retail stores. In a sense, it is made to replace traditional price checker machine provided by retailers.
Dr. Nik Anni Afiqah Binti Haji Mohammad Tuah Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) PAPRSB Institute Of Health Sciences Participant 2018 Health Coach V1.0 A health education tool designed to improve end-users’ confidence to practice healthy lifestyle towards preventing obesity.
Dr. Vanessa Teo Founder ZeneCo Solutions 3rd Place 2017 AGROME iQ An agriculture business intelligence platform used to support innovative and effective decision-making processes for the farm management process.
Dyg Noor Azlina Binti Sulaiman Participant 2006 Peribahasa Untuk Rendah Bawah
Dyg Nooraini Binti Hj Kassim Participant 2006 Bahasa Melayu - Antonim Dan Sinonim Untuk Rendah Bawah
Edmond Anan Director Atin & Modtech Corporation Sdn Bhd Participant 2011 Life-Cabin for Fire Victims Life-Cabin for fire victims caught in high rise buildings all over the world, ommercial, dwelling apartments, hotels designed with high tech "Fire Dectator/Sensor devices" backed up with I.T Control pannels.
Elven Ng Yeong San Software Developer Participant 2014 Protégé A web based application that recommends work opportunities or talents. It simplify the task of hiring freelance professionals.
Eric Emmanuel Anak Patrick St. John's School, KB 1st Place 2018 HOPE Mental Health An application that aims to relief mental health issues.
Fahmiin Abdullah Co-Founder Participant 2019 Diabetic Management Toolkit
Faizul Hadi Jamil Participant 2017 Post It Brunei A mobile app that can trace the real-time location of every single registered user. The main purpose of this app is to have an online tracking system for a delivery services.
Farina Eussof Leow HR Manager CfBT Education Services Sdn Bhd Participant 2006 Key Skills In Comprehension and Summary Writing
Fatin Liyana Suhili Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2018 Maths Pocket
Foo Gwen Heong Manager Mars Enterprise Sdn Bhd 1st Place 2008 Mars Financial Package
2nd Place 2009 Brulink E-Custom Declaration It's aim to provide solution which enhance e-custom declaration.
Participant 2012 Project Logistics The system monitor the milestone, procurememt and inventory control, handle timesheet, manpower planning and monitoring and full fledge accounting system which online link to above mention modules.
2012 ERP in Cloud and Mobile A business management software that integrates all facets of an operation, including but not limited to manufacturing, sales and marketing, finance, human resource and other departments particular needs.
2012 Plant Inventory All inventory system deal with "dead" object except Plant Inventory to which the object are "live". The system deal with characteristics of plants such as species, ages, trunk height, trunk diameter, packing, garden, location, growth and death.
Gary Lim Kwok Chuen General Manager Kin-Ethics Company Participant 2012 Universal Kinethics Smartphone Battery A universal device (used for all types of smartphones), designed to charge itself by any slight movement and without the need of extra device. It Will provide a long-lasting usage for smartphone users without the interruption of low battery power.
Goh Kiat Ming Participant 2004 Lets Learn at SR Pantai Berakas Learn colours and numbers for kindergarten
Planning And Development Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2016 Introductory ICT Skills For Beginner With Adaptive Environment For Primary It allows beginner to learn and practice mouse and keyboard skills and basic computer knowledge. The activities can adjust the difficulties in accordance to ability of the user.
Haji Afendi Bin Hj Ahmad Westegret Technology And Services Sdn. Bhd Participant 2006 Community SMS
Mobile Payment System
Points Payment System
Mobile Payment System, Points Payment System, Community SMS
Hamdan Bin Hj Taha Engineer And Project Manager Naf Engineering Services Participant 2011 HTTPSS-HT Performance Scorecard System A Performance Scorecard System based on Nortion & Kaplan Balance Scorecard (BSC) Approch & Principles. The Scorecard system can be used as a management tool for an organization to carry out their performance measurement and reporting analysis.
Defence Information Technology Unit, Ministry of Defence, Brunei Darussalam 2019 Leave Application During Office Hours (LADO) LADO is an online system used by employees in MINDEF for their Leave Application During Office-hours. It is a module utilising Microsoft SharePoint to manage personnel leaving office during working hours.
Special Award: Big Data Analytics Technology on 2019 Scaneat A System that can perform meal tracking functions for RBAF Military personnel and generates reports so that accurate claims can be made to the Directorate of Finance and Acquisition, Ministry of Defence.
Hamidah Majid Chief Executive Officer A.I.W Enterprise 3rd Place 2019 PingUs > Usai A platform to bring and connect nearby workshop to the customer; all from a single button through the mobile apps.
Hidayatul Farizah Binti Hj Jeff Fariz Presenter And Developer Politeknik Brunei Participant 2016 Auto Scheduler This application aims to simplify timetable processing by eliminating the needs to assigning the data manually. This application will provide user ways to enter the required data, and set up the rules for generating the schedule.
Hiro Tien Founder Social Buzz Advertising 2nd Place 2011 Social Deal Brunei is a whole new way for Bruneians to discover cool things to do in the city and share the experience with others. The concept is simple, with more people grouping together buying in bulk; we are able to negotiate great deals with amazing discounts from merchants.
Hiro Tien Founder Social Buzz Advertising 3rd Place 2012 A whole new way to connect individuals with talents/skills from around the world and individuals with the need for such talents/skills in their daily lives. It creates a global marketplace for the buying and selling of micro jobs for anyone in the world, anywhere and anytime.
Hj Ahmad Nabil Hj Awg Sulaiman Leader Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2012 Find It A business directory created to help Bruneian or tourists to find business places in this country.
Hj Baharuddin Bin Dato Paduka Hj Talib Manager Indah Sejahtera Development & Services Sdn Bhd 3rd Place 2011 Where To Kerja A social human resource platform to provide local jobs awareness and to promote local professionals to the region especially Brunei Darussalam.
Participant 2012
Brunei's Way2School A flexible school systems management platform that provides secure, comprehensive and centralized solutions that manage all operations of any educational institution. This helps improve the way schools collect, store and retrieve student information backed ny the latest cloud technology.
Hj Ismail Bin Hj Jamil Project Manager Jabatan Pengajian Islam Participant 2019 Hi Buddy SmartMirror Smartmirror device act as personal wikipedia (personal dictionary) that also has informations board.
Hj Julian Johari Bin Hj Abdul Ghafar Country Manager Teleconsult Sdn Bhd 1st Place 2009 TeleGIS A Network Management System for ICT/Telecommunication and Cellular providers.
2010 InDepth Stereo To put 3D Surround Sounds into movies or music, even if the audience uses only a standard 2.1 stereo system, by creating a virtual environment that can precisely simulate a real sound environment.
2014 Teleconsult SkyEye Develops high definition aerial video capture and processing technologies focusing on automation to minimize manual labour input thereby ensuring consistency of quality and lower cost.
Participant 2017 Teleconsult Infrastructure Tool / Green ICT
Hj Md Yazid Team Member IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus Participant 2014 Harith and The Time Shifters An action platform game set within historical Brunei Darussalam with the objective of popularising certain historical facts, events and our heritage with the use of story telling within a game.
Hj Mohammad Loqman Al-Hakim Bin Hj Hamdan Chief Executive Officer Al-Huffaz Management Participant 2017 Al-Huffaz Management A platform for Islamic religious based services, aimed at matching Al-Quran educators with students who wish to study the Al-Quran.
Hj Mohd Saiful Supervsior Sekolah Perdagangan Participant 2014 Smart Money Management System A custom financial program designed to give you the tools and accountability you need to build an emergency fund, pay off 100% your debt, develop cash savings, and lay the groundwork for secure and better future.
Hj Rushdi El-Hakim Dato Seri Setia Hj Ibrahim Chief Executive Officer Halbase Company Participant 2014 Hijrah Tablet A revolutionizing educational tablet for children to learn on Islamic Religious Knowledge modules consist of ablution, how to pray, read Quran and learn arab language.
Hj Suhardi Bin Hj Suhaimi Instructor IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical Campus Participant 2010 Kampong Ayer Interactive Kiosk The users can get connected to the vibrant culture of Kampong Ayer through the videos, pictures, facts and interactive maps.
2nd Place 2012 To produce an application which cover interesting places in Brunei Darussalam through adventure, culture, food and accomodation on android operating system.
Founder And Chief Executive Officer Mediahikmah Participant 2011 Interactive Teacher 1.0 An application that enabled teachers to navigate their software through the technologies of 3D camera from a hardware call Microsoft Kinect.
2012 Mari Sembahyang An interactive mobile application which teach basic guide for muslim to pray 5 daily prayers and perform wudhu. This app will help new muslim convert and young children to begin performing prayers postures.
Hjh Mal Hafiza Binti Hj Malek Sekolah Rendah Sungai Hanching Brunei II Participant 2006 Teaching Material (Interactive Games)
Hjh Maswayati Binti Hj Abdul Wahab IBTE Nakhoda Ragam Campus Participant 2015 Cosmet E-Services An online appointment system will be used to book haircuts, hair styling and spa treatments for children, men and women. In addition, beauty care products will be available for purchase online.
Hj Muhammad Zuwaini bin Haji Aliyani Supervisor Ma'had Islam Brunei 1st Place 2019 Rubbish On Demand (ROD)
Hjh Muizzah Supervisor Ma'had Islam Brunei Participant 2018 Lost In Time Game apps digitalize traditional country games.
Hjh Salma Latiff Manager Crescent Sdn Bhd 2nd Place 2011 Islamic Brunei Educator These modules are carefully designed and developed to ensure the students will acquire a well rounded knowledge of the discipline. They are written by various imminent Islamic scolars who have experience in the area of Islamic finance.
Hjh Siti Rozana Dato Paduka Hj Md Yunos Head of Corporate Services Dynamik (Formerly known as BAG Networks Sdn. Bhd) Participant 2013 E-Ja-Wi Mobile Application (Version 1.0) An electronic device for the spelling of jawi and to facilitate the learning of Iqra.
Ian Ong Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer InnovAero Participant 2019 Drone Solutions Inspection and visual data image.
Ikmalina Hakimah Hj Md Yunos Founder And Chief Executive Officer Itsybytes Company Participant 2014 E-Learning Health Game and Informative Application
2015 Ardvert A software application to advertise products using the Augmented Reality software technology where products will be brought to life in your smartphone. AR will make advertisement more interactive and innovative which mainly focus on static display such as magazine, newspaper etc.
Rehab-Maze - 3D Virtual Reality Game Application It is a game application with drug awareness content with the use of horror theme.
Imah Aziz Team Leader Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2nd Place 2014 The Sulu Princess An android application that enhances storybook reading experiences by implementing Augmented Reality technology to the concept illustrations of the book to create animated visualizations of the story itself. "The Sulu Princess" derives from the story of Laila Menchanai and Sultan Bolkiah, the fifth Sultan of Brunei.
Ishan Bin Johari Participant 2017 Quepro
Jennifer Voon Director Industry Liaison Office (DILO) Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2010 MyTouch Acts as a checkpoint for users to take their attendance by scanning their fingerprints on the biometric scanner. Attendance is also updated real time in the server at the time the fingerprints is scanned.
2013 Brunei History Adventure Game An e-learning game on History subject which in turn creates the storyline on one of Brunei's historic events such as the discovery of oil.
Joel Canoza Espiritu Supervisor Seri Mulia Sarjana International School Participant 2014 Save the Ozone
2015 PI-Board (Potable Interactive Board) The pi-Board is a portable interactive board system that is both functional and time-efficient. With its “Drag, Plug and Teach” concept, it enables the user to move and set it up in minutes without any hassle.
2016 Brusims Envisioned as an integrated information system that would manage and administer the education system in Brunei.
John Wan Kee Lim Managing Director John Harith Technology Sdn Bhd Participant 2012 Halal Food Traceability The project aims to provide a comprehensive information infrastructure to support the Brunei Halal Operations and Branding Initiatives. The project includes 5 systems components: Brunei Halal Registry, EPC Tracking System, Authentication System, Halal Web Portal and Halal Front End Application Suites.
Jonathan Padan Religrino Programmer Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB Participant 2016 Symptoms Checker A mobile application which provides information based on the symptoms of the user and recommends medication or medical support.
Josh Espiritu Team leader Seri Mulia Sarjana International School Participant 2016 Augmented Reality Of Brunei Tourism Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.
Juan Anak Satar Team Member Chung Hwa Middle School, KB Participant 2010 Food Quest A flash educational game which contains a major quiz and surprise quizzes.
Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2015 Koffeeease An app that allow people to enjoy their coffee fresh right after they came into the store/cafe/shop as the product provides advanced order and payment.
Justine Reyes Staff GTE Directories (B) Sdn. Bhd Participant 2006
Keeran Janin Co-Founder MeSixty Sdn Bhd 3rd Place 2014 Best of Halal A food guide aimed at muslim travelers and it provides review of the best halal restaurants in popular muslim travel destinations and cities where finding quality halal restaurants can be a challenge.
Kelly Chin Hui Ling Programmer ,Technician Chung Hwa Middle School, KB Participant 2019 Health Aid Tracker Offers updated users’ profile, latest blood requirements, latest dieting plans, location-based hospital information and latest fitness tips.
Ken Wong Hon Wai Director Batterns Technology Participant 2014 Correlcell A financial intelligence solution assist user to identify trending or reverse pattern.
Khairul Fadhli Co-Founder Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Special Award: Emerging Technology on 2017 2017 VRIS: Virtual Reality Interactive Science A mobile app design to educate and raise health awareness for students.
King Seh Horng Manager Cubebox Solution Participant 2011 Brustores A one-stop shopping portal tailored for the growing Facebook merchants and sellers looking to set up a no-frills online storefront in Brunei.
Iplussoft Technologies Remote Pro- Cloud Home Security System RemotePro is an internet-based home security system that is designed to allow home owner to monitor and control useful electronic devices such as sensors and security related hardware remotely.
2nd Place Brunei Lifestyle Mobile Application The lifestyle apps consist of 'Brunei Guidebook' and ' Brunei Showtimes'. Both already available in the Android and Apple marketplace.
Lawrence Yap IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus Participant 2017 Online Management Of PC Hardware Authentic Lab The programmes are based on the Competency Based Training and hence we have setup an authentic lab at the school of ICT, SSR Campus to simulate more real work environment and prepare students for industry standard practices.
Lee Chao Ming Researcher And App Analyst Chung Ching Middle School, Seria Participant 2016 E-R-E-D (Electronic Recycling Electronic Donating) A special and unique application which will help our country to decrease the amount of waste products into recycle and reuse as well as repair.
Leong Yat San Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2016 AR Atomic Structure To evaluate the effectiveness of using mobile AR technology in teaching and learning.
Liana Leong Hui Neng Presenter And App Developer Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB Participant 2019 BAM A gamified social media where users get to promote their arts and interact with one another.
Liew Yeu Sen Chief Executive Officer Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB Participant 2019 Fund Filter A finance app that aims to allow all users aged 5 and above to effectively manage their budget. We have 3 main features such as E-Banking,E-Commerce and E-Tax.These 3 features all work differently but they all share one goal,which is to help our users!
Lim Sheng Ming Chief Executive Officer Big Break Solutions Sdn Bhd Participant 2015 Sroute (Shortest Route) A software (mobile application and back-end web based application) solution which offers wide range of services to mobile users who are expecting high level of assistance while they are shopping in the supermarket.
Lim Yee Liang Founder CGX Production Participant 2014 Ads Circulation Advertisers will be able to effectively reach their target audience through the platform network of newspaper agencies as they provide the gateway to end consumers with their apps.
Liow Jia Shiuan Team Member Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB Participant 2015 Domotics - Home Automation System The automatic control and monitoring of household appliances and residential features like doors, gate and even the windows.
Lu Shir Mao Interface Designer Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Participant 2016 Student Transport Monitoring System The ‘Student Transport Monitoring System’ is a program that is designed to register students whenever they board the school bus.From there, parents will be able to track the status of their child on the school bus. Other than that, alerts could be sent to parents or students whenever their school bus is in the proximity of their home as a feature to promote punctuality when boarding buses.
Mas Roslee Bin DP Hj Idris Managing Director Zimacsilicon Technologies (B) Sdn Bhd Participant 2010 Smart Veillance An advanced surveillance system utilising advanced image analysis techniques to optimise security surveillance cost-effectively.
2012 Intelligent Clearance Identification (I-CLID) The portal provides a singlle-window concept for the end user to submit their application online and it integrates with all the relevant government departments and link-up the approval process seamlessly.
Maserna Binti Mohd Helmi IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus Participant 2017 Computer Widgets A program that provide various widgets : clockj, sbattey percentage, media player, stopwatch, planner, caluclator nad weather infor which behaves and responds to users input.
Matius Anak Belayan Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2nd Place 2016 ITB Smart Shower 2.0 This invention is a pioneer of its kind in the area of Smart Shower where it combines the following features to reduce the consumption of water such as Hydro – powered, Automatic/ Manual Flow Control, Volume Monitoring and Waiting time between showers.
Participant Ride 4 Rewards An app which also acts like an incentive scheme to encourage the public to use public transportation (public buses in particular) thus aiming to increase ridership especially among the locals.
Matthew Wong Supervisor Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB 2nd Place 2009 Puzzling Cave A challenging educational flash game that stretch the minds of students thus promoting the development of critical thinking, analytical thinking and problem solving skills among typically secondary students.
Participant 2009 CHMS Sports Meet Report A video clip that reports on the Chung Hwa Middle School's Sport Day event held in 2008. It was created and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.
2010 SPN21 SPGRS > Spring Grass A database application to manage students'details to grade their students' performances and to generate various reports as regulated by the Ministry of Education in the new SPN-21 National Education System.
GCE Vocab Builder An application designed for GCE O'Level Students to manage and expand their vocabulary in several subjects effectively.
2nd Place 2011 Waseven Resource Reservation An application which is designed for school to help teachers and staff to book school facilities in any time and anywhere and specially designed for school to book any recources in a school.
2012 Brunei Treasure A flash-based game developed to encourage studentsto learn more about the history and geography of Brunei Darussalam.
1st Place 2013 Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) An application developed to encourage both locals and foreigners to recognise about the Malay Islam Monarchy in Brunei Darussalam.
3rd Place 2014 Green Wave An android application developed to raise awareness of both locals and foreigners regarding the current global crisis and global warming through theory and interactive gameplay.
2nd Place Heritage of South East Asia An android application developed to encourage both locals and foregners to learn about these wonderful places of cultural or physical significance.
Participant 2018 Schmago
Mazfizah Binti Mohammad Mazni Latiff Team Member Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) 2nd Place 2015 Nasi Katok Kitani A system where it provides both Android app and web version, which acts as a bridge between customers and vendors to make an ordering transactions for Nasi Katok (or any meals and beverages if applicable).
Md Amran Hossen Programmer And Analyst Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2015 Get It Back An application that provides an efficient way of retrieving lost or stolen items by enabling users to store ownership details in terms of unique identification codes (UIC) and emergency contact details.
2016 Zeroq The product is a multiplatform web application that provides an efficient way for managing queue for customer service.
Md Ridhauddin @ Rayhan Bin Rosli Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2014 Kenali Masjid Kitani (Discover Mosque BN) A website that provides every stories of the mosque, history, agendas, details that includes the architectures, capacity, working commitees and the facilities provided.
Laksamana College of Business (LCB) 2018 Cateani
Mohamad Effendy Bin Hj Mohd Jeffery Developer Participant 2016 Box-It A 3D mobile puzzle game base on a traditional Japanese 2D game called Sokoban where player can only push boxes to specific location to solve the puzzle.
Mohammad Alif Azizi Bin Hj Abdullah Laksamana College of Business Participant 2017 Complaint Management System For Municipal Services of Bandar Seri Begawan A website for lodging a complaint regarding municipal issues in Bandar Seri Begawan.
Mohammad Asrul Hj Matdon Laksamana College of Business Participant 2017 Android Application With Animal Sighting's Geolocation Functionality The app focuses on the geolocation functionality in the ability to add records and pinpointing location where other users will be able to open the pinned location and navigate to the area using map applications.
Mohammad Gamal Gaddafi Idris @ Mohammad Abdullah Participant 2017 Human Resources Management System A cloud-based applications provide affordable self-serve platforms to automate HR processes.
Mohammad Husaini Bin Mohammad Teacher Sekolah Ugama Arab Menengah Perempuan Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit Participant 2019 SEAappetite The app will guide tourists and travellers around the world about the local cuisine in Asean region. Places to dine in and popular street markets will be included in one of the main features of the app.
Mohammad Khairul Fadhli Bin Sani Team Leader Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 3rd Place 2014 6ScienceZAP A year 6 science e-learning application, a colourful and vibrant mind-mapping tools and test their knowledge and prepare for tests and exams by answering interactive past-year-paper questions.
Mohammad Suhimi Bin Mohd Salleh Founder Participant 2016 Onedeal Global A local marketplace where you can browse, buy and sell just about anything online (direct or by auctioning) using wallet money with deposit, withdraw facility.
Aqli Enterprise Special Award: Start-Up on 2018 2018 AQLI
Mohammad Zulfadly Hj Ismail Participant 2011 Blast Myoffice It is a green initiative type of application in order to reduce the us of paper in any office as minimal as possible. The product is bacilly an electronic medium to deliver public information and any form of communication such as memo, notes, minutes, events and etc
Mohammed Abid Bin Samat Designer Pentacom Technology Participant 2014 4Choices A supportive resource e-learning suited for distance learning and flexible learning where students and teachers can use it in school or at home.
Mohammed Faisal Nizamudeen Team Leader, Compiler and Designer St. John's School, KB 2nd Place 2016 Ultimate Fit Challenge An health app that will help obese people to lose weight and/or become physically healthy.
Mohd Denny Azriman Hj Madni Ambuyart Animations Company Participant 2011 Ambuyart Storby Ambuyart's Storby is a turnkey apps solutions that would revolutionize the process of storyboarding process.
Mohd Ramzi Salleh Team Member Sekolah Menengah Masin Participant 2010 Electronic Reading Log Designed to store reading details, improve student's vocabulary and allow student to review previously read items or summary logs.
2011 Easy Text Book This Easytextbooks is useful for schools especially for teachers who in charge in textbooks to record who borrowing or returning books.
Mohd Shukri Bin Hj Damit Chief Executive Officer Pentacom Technology Participant 2014 Cabaran Sambung Lirik Lagu An interactive multimedia entertainment with the concept idea of singing karaoke while testing the participant mind to guess the next song lyric that is sing by the participant him/herself once the music is stopped.
Mohd Yazid Azahari Participant 2015 Ringping RingPing is a truly global solution, with potential to change how information is delivered via mobile phone, more precisely by giving a missed call to designated phone numbers and subsequently having information delivered by SMS.
Mona Kasim Participant 2017 Iman Health Check For Mummies and Kids A Quran study tool that allows the user to learn about the Quran, aids memorization of the Quran, develop Quranic literacy for mummies and their children.
Tarbiyyah Sciene This app is an extension of the Tarbiyyah Project for Kids which is an Islamic scientific based enrichment programme for children. This is a science storybook and activity book that is related to the 99 Names of Allah, the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith. It includes videos, mini-games and scientific experiments that parents and kids can try together.
Muhamad Rafiuddin Bin Maidin Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Participant 2015 Intelligent Energy Monitoring and Management System Its centralized energy monitoring and management capability using intelligent analytical algorithms that can be accessed via a simple graphical by user interface.
Muhamad Sahmin Hj Julani Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) 3rd Place 2015 School Goes Mobile With ‘School Goes Mobile’, parents or guardian could instantly receive real-time notifications, announcements and progress information through their smartphones.
Muhamamd Muaz Bin Hj Imran Founder Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) 1st Place 2019 Medicine Dispenser Automated medicine dispenser that can be utilized at home to support patients with their daily medications routine. Additionally, the device is integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) for purposes of monitoring, potentially by family carer and the relevant healthcare professionals.
Muhammad Affandi Bin Roslan Jalanee Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2014 Land of Zikir An android mobile application that contains a collection of selawat, zikr and islamic dua which is divided into several small sections.
Muhammad Faadhli Bin Hj Rosli App Designer Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang Participant 2014 Solat Sunat Rawatib A simple and user-friendly application for any smart-phone and tablet using android system. It contains the basic guideline and requirement of performing a complete sunat prayer for muslim.
Muhammad Faza Bin Joffry Founder & Programmer Participant 2019 Horror Game To let gamers experience different type of genre games for the future.
Muhammad Hafiz Hj Damit Team Leader IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus Participant 2014 Brunei Traditional Music Interactive Kiosk The content of the kiosk itself consist of brief information Brunei Heritage of Traditional Music. It includes the instrument information, photos and videos.
Muhammad Hanif Bin Jumat Programme Leader Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2018 Smartfarm Prototype For Plant Disease Detection, Diagnose And Treatment Using IOT Technologies Capable of detecting and diagnosing plant diseases. Some of the features includes notifications, a dashboard for monitoring meal time, automated system, and automatic treatment, diseases classification, and using cloud technology.
2019 Fire Monitoring System The system is used to monitor forest fire around forested area.
Muhammad Jazil Bin Muhammad Jazlan App Researcher Sekolah Menengah Sultan Sharif Ali, Salambigar Participant 2019 SKYBN SkyBN is an app which allows users to check for PSI readings LIVE. This is highly valuable as it would help in user decision making when they wish to go outside. The level of air quality also plays a major factor in everyday health as breathing healthier air means living a healthier life. This App also allows users to view changes in PSI reading in Brunei via an interactive map which reveals data on specific districts. In addition to PSI, the app also allowed users to explore other features such as wind direction, the current weather etc.
Muhammad Nur Al-Hafiz bin Hj Hamidi Team Member Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2nd Place 2019 Stroke Recovery Tool
Muhammad Qayyum Syafiq Bin Shukri Programmer And Designer Chung Hwa Middle School, KB Participant 2016 Ontour > Digits A web-based intelligent tours and travel web application that allows users to view a country and its destination details.The system also displays photographs, destination facts, hotels, activities, and food information.
Muhammad Rizwan Amjad Team Member St. John's School, KB 1st Place 2015 Secondary Studies Redspot An application about the different topics of different subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, A’maths, D Maths and Computer.
Muhammad Syukri Bin Hj Rasidi Otter Company Participant 2016 Tamu.Space An online market space to search and be found. It is a business platform that aims to give opportunity to SMEs to market and sell their products and services in a more organized and conspicuous way and for public (buyers) to search products in a timely and efficient manner.
Muhammad Taufiq Bin Hj Junaidi Team Member IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical Campus Participant 2015 Kikik Kitani This application is to educate users on kites in Brunei. It will include step by step instructions on how to make their own kites, history of kites and how it come to be,kite differences from other countries from kites in Brunei and patterns of kites in Brunei.
Muhammad Yusri Bin Md. Yusop Developer IBTE Sultan Bolkiah Campus Participant 2014 Kamus Melayu Brunei This system is aimed to divulge the philosophy of malay language, cultural, custom and values and the monarchy system.
Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2019 Visual Internet of Things On Water Level Detection The product aims to to provide water level detection on disaster management using VIsual Internet of Things (IoT). Raspberry Pi, camera and other sensors components are integrated together to detect water level . The detection is done remotely by sending visual data in form of image or video and then process it before it goes to server cloud storage.
Muhd Aisamuddin Awg Hj Damit Co-Founder Summertech Services Participant 2011 Home Theather PC (XBMC) Watch or listen to any streaming or real-time media in a new more shophisticated and interesting way.
Muhd Amir Syakirin Hj Yahya Team Member Maktab Duli PMAMB Participant 2011 Pro It’s a social network website to show, promote and search event near your location.
Nadia Lim Mulan Team Leader Sekolah Menengah Pengiran Isteri Hajjah Mariam, Serasa Participant 2019 Growth Assists teacher and parents to track the students improvements and achievements, providing career prospects and pathways.
Nadzuan Bin Narawi Team Member Entech Participant 2016 BNEco BNEco solves this problem as a peer-to-peer market application to connect customers with these SMEs. The software able to filter the customers’ search according to their preferences such as type of service, price range, location, and more.
Nagender Aneja Founder 1st Place 2016 OffAT – Chat in Airplane Mode OffAT is a chat messenger Android App that can be used when there is no WiFi or Mobile Internet Connection. OffAT can be used to chat, share files in near region in area of wifi range but in Airplane Mode when there is no WiFi Intenet available.
Ng Yeong San IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College Participant 2011 Faculty Information System This product is a web based programming project development, to share and distribute information or resources between the departments.
Nicky Wong Founder Infindo Technology Sdn Bhd Participant 2010 Polygon Allows any mobile carrier to launch their own application store, pushing content delivery and applications development to a brand new level.
Nor Azarina Binti Hj Moksin Team Leader Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2nd Place 2011 BSimple Pay This system covers from the payment of fee, books, attires and even food consumption in canteen.
Noramalina Binti Zulkefli Team Member Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Participant 2019 Tenunan Kitani

Available in : Android / IOS
An application that focuses on innovation in this Fourth Industrial Revolution period in developing and sustaining Brunei Darussalam’s weaving industry by way of digital technology
Norjinah Intan Mahmud Chief Executive Officer Avertu Management Services Participant 2017 Dayang PA Personal assistant and social secretary services provider that uses online platform for clients' easy use.
Nur Anisa Binti Ismail IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus Participant 2017 Oil And Gas Production The product is based on a multimedia project creating animated educational software to educate the public especially the youngsters on the process of Oil and Gas production.
Nur Ariizah Binti Hj Zakeria Participant 2016 E-Cube An aid for cube stores and customers to track inventory, clients and rental queues for Cube spaces across the country.
Nur Aziyah Binti Abdullah Group Leader And Designer Sekolah Menengah Pg Anak Puteri Hjh Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah Participant 2016 Security and Ethics Mobile Web App An mobile web app that can be used as learning tool for Computer Science students. At the same time, it can be used to educate member of public on the importance of security and ethics in this digital world.
Nur Zafirah Leader Sekolah Ugama Arab Menengah Perempuan Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit Participant 2019 Train it! Provide workshop feature for trainings, tests and exams for users. In addition to that, companies can register to our workshop to become a trainer in the workshop. Another feature of our app is the Volunteering Programmes where we update users on programmes and urge them to register with giving them notification. Aside from that is Competitions or Tournaments.
Nuranisah Syahirah Binti Yahya Interface Designer Politeknik Brunei Participant 2016 Himpunan Solat Dan Doa The purpose of the application is for user to use it as their daily Islamic references.
1. Share function - to facebook, whatsapp and email.
2. Guiding user on how to recite Niat in performing Salat using audio.
3. Search function for daily doa.
4. Bookmark on the useful daily doa.
5. Reorder/Rearrange contents of daily doa according to user’s preferences.
6. Tasbih Counter
Nureen Binti Mohd Salih Sekolah Ugama Arab Menengah Perempuan Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit Participant 2019 Hazardless Aims to decrease casualties by and at the same time raise awareness on natural disaster.Features of the app include customiseable house map for evacuation route and site of emergency equipements. The app will also provide an online store for emergency kits and equipment.
Nurin Almas Admin Esuria Mentari System Sdn. Bhd Participant 2006 Esuria Rapid E-Business Application Development Kit
Nursheila Binti Ziziumiza Co-Founder Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) > Rumine Corporation 1st Place 2018 Mechsim > Rumine Mechsim acts as a virtual assembly simulation for basic learning and training for the employees and students with the use of virtual reality and hand gesture sensor. It also serves as a tool to increase the efficiency for practicing of assembly and disassembly of mechanical equipment.
3rd Place GoBacker A crowd sourcing platform where a community can build around innovative ideas to market it to the public. Moreover, it can be a testing platform to get feedback from the public of creators’ product or ideas before exporting the ideas to the market.
3rd Place 2019 Automated Paddy Watergate and Water Distribution Through Alternate Wetting and Drying System To automate water distribution from the main pipe to the field through the application of alternate wetting and drying system.
Nuruddin Hadii Bin Hj Kamsani Founder Achievers Team Participant 2013 Interactive Class, Revision and Exam for Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary School and Higher Education Automated classes revisions and examinations to test the students knowledge on subjects.
Nurul Farah Haini @ Fathin Binti Hj Zailani Programmer Micronet International College Participant 2016 My Alif An education application software where user can learn about the old traditional Malay alphabet jawi. Each of the alphabets contains a sound on how to spell the particular alphabet correctly.
Nurul Hakmal Fajillah Binti Mohd Salleh Designer And Programmer Micronet International College Participant 2016 CGPA Calculator To calculate GPA for BDTVEC, NCC, and ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ Level by using any mobile phone that use android as its operating system. By using this system, the user especially the secondary and diploma student at Brunei can get their GPA result easily through their android device.
Nurul Wardah Hj Hamzah Founder Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 2nd Place 2017 Brunei Forest Fire Prevention System (BFFP) Act as a preventive measure that focuses on a disaster management system.
Nurulhidayati Hj Mohd Sani Founder Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) 1st Place 2015 ITB Virtual Campus A 3D application that replicate the Institut Teknologi Brunei University Campus with injected educational tool served as a purpose to study and experiment the adaptation of teaching and learning in Institut Teknologi Brunei.
Ong Kuo Han Chief Executive Officer Participant 2019 KataloqBN A digital platform for anyone in Brunei from local individuals & small home businesses (MSMEs) to buy or sell their items OR offer their services to other users on the platform, essentially encouraging peer-to-peer transactions in Brunei. In the grand scheme of things, KataloqBN will eventually be a platform for Bruneians to find any and all available goods and/or service in Brunei.
Ong Wee Hong Mentor - Faculty of Science Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) 1st Place 2010 Rubik's Cube A robot that is capable of solving a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube autonomously.
Oranuch Ekkowit App Programmer Chung Ching Middle School, Seria Participant 2016 Speaking Pictures An app that enables children with autism to communicate using pictures. Our targeted audience will autistic children.
Patricia Sim Xiang Ru Team Leader Chung Ching Middle School, Seria 2nd Place 2018 BruLife A tourist guiding app for discovering the wonders of this our country Brunei Darussalam.
Patrick Wong Lee Cheng Supervisor Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB 2nd Place 2015 C-Attendance An application that is designed to track student’s attendance down to every class session during the school hours, instead of a one-time check for the whole school session.
Paul Lee Co-Founder And CEO Flipidea Participant 2019 Flipidea Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform offers analytical information about business failures.
Pg Abd Rahman Bin Pg Hj Ghani QBIX Enterprise Participant 2016 Integration Of Physical And Online Shop Buy and sell via physical and online shop for marketplace.
Pg Dr Hjh Siti Fatimah Pg Hj Petra Founder Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Participant 2018 XI-Xtraintelligent ICT-based Inquiry Instructions
Pg Hj Asmali Bin Pg Badaruddin Participant 2006 Brunei Listmaker
Cyberunai eServices 2nd Place 2008 Portal for helping global citizen and SMEs
3rd Place 2010 Pasang Emas > Digital Pasang A traditional game "Pasang" are easily accessible through internet and mobile handsets.
Participant 2011 Microbiz 1Kpis To help micro-businesses in the cottage industry to manage heir business relationships retail outlets such as grocries, souvenir shops, booths and stalls throughout Brunei Darussalam in supplying their made-in-Brunei products and services.
Universiti Teknologi Brunei 2017 Bigdizassister A knowledge-based collaborative platform that enables disaster management professionals to perform their tasks in the disaster risk mitigation and preparedness stages with collaboration from the various multi-disciplinary various teams of experts.
Pg Hj Norismayusri Bin Pg Hj Ismail Meal Daily Vary Sdn Bhd Participant 2011 Meal Daily Vary Sdn Bhd (MDV) The idea is you could just simply call Meal Daily Vary and order the food that you like form the menue as advertised on our website or pamplet and the food is guaranteed to reach you under 40 minutes wherever you are in Brunei.
Pg Mohd Khairi Pg Hj Metussin Founder PHMD Publishing Company Participant 2012 Learning Social Network Brunei Campus Social network tailor-made for the students as well as educational providers, aiming to act as the sharing bridge for peers from various educational institutes to connect, share and learn in a social environment.
2nd Place Road Safety-interactive e-book The e-book outlining the purpose, structure, methods used, factors contributing to road traffic collisions and basic concepts of road safety.
2nd Place 2013 Mindplus: Islamic Knowledge

Available in : Android / IOS
A mobile learning application designed to support educators and engage students in both group and one on one setting. This platform will first designed for Islamic Knowledge which includes movies, quizzes, timelines and much more.
Participant Salam Halal An application that will provide a solution for Muslim consumers and travelers as it will enable to provide them with latest and reliable information regarding the halal eateries.
2nd Place 2014 Salam Halal An mobile apps that provide credible halal food restaurants.
1st Place 2017 Islamic Mind

Available in : Android / IOS
A platform providing the most moderate and practical Islamic learning for the Global Muslim Market.
Mindplus Education Sdn Bhd 1st Place: Royal Patron Award on 2018 2018 Mindtrex Academy

Available in : Android
A comprehensive Islamic learning program that uses highly engaging animated movies to model conversational while seamlessly introducing Islamic curriculum.
Pg Mohd Sufian Pg DP Hj Maidin Deputy General Manager Alif Technologies Sdn Bhd Participant 2009 Alif Geo Dispatcher The "intelligent" mapping and data entry system seamlessly integrates an interactive, near real-time map display with call handling, dispatching, records and information management, remote access and mobile data.
Qamaruzzaman Bin Hj Affandy Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2016 Deployable Flood Monitoring System (DFMS) A remote flood monitoring system that controls remote sensors and displays real time data that will help in flood disaster mitigation.
Rahimah Haji Mohd Yussof Developer Participant 2016 Virtual Heritage For Education Recreating history of Brunei by using 2D content and viewed virtually in 3D content via Google Cardboard and Android smartphones.
Regina Mook Shi Yee Team Member Chung Ching Middle School, Seria Participant 2015 Homeclass An app which can be used to notify students if they have any homeworks, assignments or projects.
Reneiro Andal Virrey Founder Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) 2nd Place: Special Award: Internet of Things (IoT) 2018 Droplet
Robina Goh Head of Computers Department Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan 1st Place 2008 Flash Educational System
Participant 2018 Abu-Lance
Roshartiney Binti Hj Damit System Analyst, Designer And Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2016 Miftahul Hayat An authorized Halal directory consisrs of the list of restaurants, factories, bakeries, drink outlets and products that have been certified Halal by the Islamic Religious Council Brunei, contributing to the reliability of this app.
Roshawadin Kamaluddin Operation Manager Megamas Training Company Sdn Bhd Participant 2011 Brunei Carbon Footprint Calculator have developed an innovative web application that does 3 things:
1. promote awareness about climate change/global warming
2. enables members of the Brunei public to easy calculate their carbon footprint simply by entering some basic information from utility bills
3. provide high quality free teaching resources about climate change for schools in Brunei.
Rushdi Dato Ibrahim Chief Executive Officer Halbase Company Participant 2015 Myhaemogoblin A self-monitor regimen includes monitoring of: blood glucose, medications (pills or insulin), exercise/physical activities and food/meal plans.
Sabrina Teoh Sze Qi Presenter Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB Participant 2019 Dlv An application focus on food and groceries delivery in the nation.
Safwan Ramlan Director Keynovtech known as Muappy 1st Place 2019 Keynovtech known as Muappy It provides an outstanding marketing solution that will help our partners grow their business and better engage and communicate with their customers. Muappy offers several features such as eMembership, eStamp, eVouchers, and Muappy Rewards.
Sahrin Hj Abd Rahman Laksamana College of Business Participant 2017 Web Based Inventory Management System A web based application for inventory management system. It helps the company to manage inventory in a systematic way and efficiently.
Samuel Vicky Voon Szen Heng Manager And Sales Executive St George's School Participant 2016 Student Debit Card The student debit card is a unique type of card that could be used in schools for students. Instead of purchasing items with cash; students can use the card more conveniently. The card has a barcode printed at the back of the card, which contains the user ID of a particular student. The card acts as an identification and a debit card at the same time.
Sarinah Binti Ziziumiza Research Leader And Co-Founder Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) > Rumine Corporation Participant 2019 Experiential Learning of Engine Components > Engine Assembly It is a virtual assembly simulation for basic learning and training for the employees and students with the use of VR and Leap Motion sensor. It also serves as a tool to increase the efficiency for practicing of assembly and maintenance of engine components.
Immersive / Active Learning Of Workshop Skills Techwork is a virtual simulation for the active and immersive learning for engineering students and trainee with the use of VR & intelligent guide system. It serves as a tool to increase the knowledge level and depth of the subject matter.
Saufi Jamahat Chief Executive Officer Dotroot Technologies 3rd Place 2013 FoodFuel Users can easily order on the go and they can set the time when they want to pick up their food with the use of the app.
Wadihah Haji &
Umrah Application
An application that consists of information about Haji and focusing on what Bruneians require to do when performing the hajj.
2015 Event Loop A platform that can identify unique hash tags from users on Instagram.
Participant 2016 Fotovent A portal where runners can search their picture just by filling in their number without having to search manually.
Shane Riosa Anak Jackson Head Developer And Head Designer St. Andrew's School Participant 2016 What Lies Within The game is developed with the main purpose to create awareness of the damage to the environment which is mainly caused by human activities.
Shavon Hon Bru-InnovEdu Services Participant 2012 Cyber Security 3D To help promote awareness in cyber security among the youth.
Learn Thru Play A education platform comprises of 10 modules incorporated with online quizzez and mini games.
Sherelin Head of Computer Department Chung Hwa Middle School, KB 1st Place 2009 Chemistry Flash Education A flash educational game based on the subject Chemistry. Players are required to learn Chemistry through the "Big Book" of Chemistry and pass the checkpoints in order to win the game.
2nd Place Vote For Earth Flash Animation A flash animation on global warming and its effect such as the temperature on the north and south poles.
Participant 2010 Space Aid A physics-based flash educational games which has an interesting storyline and the user has to answer a series of questions or solve a puzzle which will stimulate their thinking skills.
3rd Place 2013 ESport System A custom made program designed using a spreadsheet program to display the score at sport events.
2nd Place Higher Education Guidance System It is an educational guidance system that will provide guidance and information to the student about the course most suitable for them.
3rd Place 2014 HeDGes
Silvia Kho Siew Ling Programmer And Designer Chung Hwa Middle School, KB 3rd Place 2016 CRIMS - Complaint Reporting and Information Management System By using this application people who are afraid or don’t have enough time to go judicial surveillance for complaints about their personal legal issues here they can give their complaint through online to register any type of complaint.
Simon Soo Founder The Rumbian Nation Participant 2006 - Mobile Directory
Giftbox Enterprise Sdn Bhd 1st Place 2013 Malppy & Friends An instant reward system.
Track & Roll 2nd Place 2017 Track & Roll A HRM solution that is focused on handling Attendance taking, leave, claims and Payroll as the four most core modules of the system.
Siti Hazirah Binti Awang Mahli Project Leader Politeknik Brunei Participant 2019 Brunei Smart Haji A unique application where it gives guidelines on how to do a proper Hajj especially for pilgrims of Brunei Darussalam. Moreover, this application focuses on Brunei's pilgrims, whom follows mazhab Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah. It integrates all of the most important qualities that all Muslims need when performing Prayer. In this application also, it provides appropriates Doa for them to refer, step by step instructions, checklists, as well as audios for them to follow and guide them.
Siti Noora’zam Project Manager and Developer Participant 2017 Crowdsource >JoDeeds (Jar of Deeds) An online crowdfunding platform where funds can be raised for charity, emergency donations or launching a project.
Siti Nurul Athirah Binti Hj Mohamad Team Leader Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) 3rd Place 2016 V-DÉCOR An mobile application that allows mobile device users to place virtual furniture in an intended spot with the help of 3D and Augmented Reality technology.
Sneha Elizabeth Panackal Programmer And Designer Chung Hwa Middle School, KB Participant 2016 E-Attendance Attendance Management System is a software developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges and institutes. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular student in a particular class.
Stella Teo Ste Pei Presenter Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB 1st Place 2016 BHealth App An application on mobile phones that acts as a medical assistant where everyone can use locally and globally.
Steven Yap Contact Person And Head Of IT St George's School Participant 2015 Goodwork GoodWork is an online website with its inbuilt security system. This serve the purpose to guide young teenagers the correct way to achieve their ambition through the education needed. As for the unemployed, GoodWork would find potential companies with their qualification to seek employment.
Syafiq Aziz Programmer Jerudong International School Participant 2016 Tap To Twenty An educational counting game aimed towards children between the ages of 3 to 8. The principal goal of the product is to build the foundation of children’s understanding of the numerical system.
Syazwi Bin Sazeli Project Manager Participant 2019 Riva To ease boat transportation in Brunei river at the same time promoting local Tourism.
Theophilus Changat ICT Teacher And Contact Person Chung Ching Middle School, Seria Participant 2015 The Northwest Coast
Thomas Tan Product Designer And Tech Lead TT Blockchain Solutions Participant 2019 Gravity Wallet Gravity Wallet is the cryptocurrency hardware device designed and built to provide hardened security and mobility for the storage and transactions of multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its intended users are investors, traders and miners in the cryptocurrecy space.
Ting See Chung Managing Director SnapFeed Sdn Bhd 2nd Place 2015 SnapFeed

Available in : Android
A platform to access a growing list of digital loyalty programs and to access local Brunei information on the go.
Ustazah Hjh Zainab Teacher Pusat Ilmu Teras, KUPU SB Participant 2015 Smart Faraid It will use the concepts of reading, questioning and answering according to the cognitive level.
Voon Mei Jun Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2015 ITB Access Control and Mangement System A centralised access control and management system designed for ITB to address its current system’s limitations. The scope of the product is not limited to only controlling access activities on the campus, because it can utilise the data it gathered for other purposes such as attendance automation.
Wan Harris Zaky Bin Hj Ibrahim Team Member 2D (Department of Electrical Services & DSTIncomm) Participant 2016 DES kWh Mobile Apps (DKMA) Through this app, customer can monitor their household electricity consumption, purchase prepaid token, pay electricity bills online anywhere, anytime on any device.
3rd Place Smart Metering Smart Meters provide a synchronized platform for information to be captured through 2-way remote communications solutions – both automated and on demand. This provides opportunities to engage end users to be more conscious of their consumption and hence improve efficiency, conservation and sustainability.
Wan Hassim Bin Wan Ibrahim Chief Executive Officer Lima Astrik Company Participant 2012 Wazzim Wi-Bagus Web based full integrated project management, business applications and group universal systems.
Wendy Lim Hui Hoon Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2016 Learning Numbers 1 To 20 An educational learning activity that will enhance pupils understanding with numbers.
Zainah Zakirah Binti Hj Rabaha System Analyst, Designer And Developer Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Participant 2016 Kamus Kitani To serve as an easily accessible tool of reference in order to know the meaning of Bahasa Brunei word.
Zawani Binti Hj Jelihi Leader Politeknik Brunei Participant 2015 Van-on-the-go A website that offers services such as delivering documents, parcel and bulky items, moving furniture and van rental.


Adi Syamsul bin Hj Sabli E-Government National Centre Judge 2012
Ambrose Nathan International School Brunei Judge 2014
BizAdvice Services Sdn Bhd 2016
Dr Adam Haji Jait UNISSA Judge 2018
Dr Fadzliwati binti Mohiddin UBD Judge 2010
UTB 2016
Dr Jimmy Lim Chee Min Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Judge 2006
Dr Saiful Azmi Hussain Universiti Brunei Darussalam Judge 2018
Dr Sophiana Chua Abdullah Infocom Federation Brunei (IFB) Judge 2009
Prime Minister Office 2010
Centre for Strategic & Policy Studies 2012
Dr Tan Shi Shiong Institute of Engineering and Technology Brunei Network Judge 2018
Dr Wida Susanty Hj Suhaili UTB
Dr Yong Chee Tuan Universiti Brunei Darussalam Judge 2006
Chief Judge 2011
Judge 2012
Yi-Ecomodern Solutions Sdn Bhd 2013
Deputy Chief Judge 2014
Chief Judge 2016
Advisor Chief Judge 2017
Gary Tian Soon Infocom Federation Brunei (IFB) Judge 2016
Hadi Shafie bin Othman iCentre Judge 2011
Tru-Synergy 2015
Hj Abdul Rahim bin Derus Ministry of Education Judge 2006
Hj Amrinal bin Hj Amir Institute of Engineering and Technology Brunei Network Judge 2016
Hj Anifa Nazree Bin Hj Abdul Ghani UNISSA Judge 2017
Hj Huzairi Bin Hj Ajl Ministry of Transport and InfoCommunication Judge 2015
Hj Jailani bin Hj Buntar Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) Judge 2015
Deputy Chief Judge 2016
Judge 2018
Hj Mahathir bin Abdullah Persatuan Komputer Brunei Darussalam (PKBD) Judge 2006
Hj Minorhadi bin Hj Mirhassan BIBD Judge 2015
LiveWire Brunei 2017
Hj Osman bin Hj Ladis Brunei Shell Petroleum Judge 2002
Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) 2011
Chief Judge 2014
Hj Rozaldy Bin Hj Ladis Ministry of Transport and InfoCommunications Judge 2017
Yahkup bin Menudin Regional IM&T Asia Pacific Shell Petroleum Judge 2006
Brunei Shell Petroleum 2009
Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) 2010
Hjh Ainee Hayat binti Hj Bungsu Imagine Sdn Bhd Judge 2006
Hjh Ismawati Binti Hj Ismail Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) Judge 2017
Hui Kwok Leong iCentre Judge 2009
Jennifer Voon Nyuk Hiong Universiti Teknologi Brunei Judge 2012
Jeremy Chua iCentre Judge 2013
Julianah Binti Ali Ahmad Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) Judge 2016
Koh Chun Hock EGNC Judge 2009
Lim Hong Beng DST Communications Sdn Bhd Judge 2011
Lim Kian Boon Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Judge 2018
Lim Ming Soon Network Integrity Assurance Technologies (NIAT) Judge 2017
Major Wan Farhan Bin Haji Ibrahim Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Judge 2009
Mohd Ali Imran Hj Osman Suhbe Co Judge 2019
Mas Roslee Bin Dato Paduka Hj Idris Zimac Silicon Sdn Bhd Judge 2013
Mohd Mahmud Hadini Bin Haji Mohd Taufik Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) Judge 2017
Norshafiee bin Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Jalil E-Government National Centre Judge 2014
Nur Sabrina binti Dato' Paduka Shofry BEDB Judge 2015
DARe 2016
Nurul Ain binti Haji Jaafar Universiti Brunei Darussalam Judge 2015
Pg Azaleen Bin Dato Mustapha Baiduri Bank Judge 2018
Pg Khairi Bin Pg Metussin Mindplus Education Judge 2019
Pg Redzuan bin Pg Hj Abas LiveWire Brunei Judge 2015
BIBD 2017
Livewire Brunei 2018
Pg Sarimah binti Pg Hj Abdul Latiff Infocom Federation Brunei (IFB) Judge 2008
Dynamik Technologies Sdn Bhd 2014
Suhbe Co 2015
Chief Judge 2017
Pg Zainul Asri Pg Abd Razak DARe Judge 2017
Queh Ser Pheng Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) Judge 2011
Radi El Fassed Progresif Judge 2016
Radin Sufri bin Radin Basiuni DST Communications Sdn Bhd Judge 2015
Rayner Tan iCentre Judge 2011
Bellaziz Holding Sdn Bhd 2012
Sarimah binti Hj Abu Bakar Ministry of Education Judge 2016
Sheikh Abd Hamdani bin Dato Paduka Sheikh Hj Abdul Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) Judge 2012
Stuart Lee Articulation Judge 2018
Tay Eue Kam Zimac Silicon Sdn Bhd Judge 2010
Wallace Koh Hoe Aik Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) Judge 2011
Zainal Abidin bin Hj Kepli Ministry of Education Judge 2015